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Nowadays due to lack of time, you can only contact me at my YouTube channel here: Gonzalo Ferreira, you can check my "Softwares" playlist and find my Network Pinger video there, and comment that video. Or click on it at the right side of this website browsing bar, as you have the video there also. Due to lack of time I don't have time to read emails nowadays, just check my YouTube channel.

Ignore the text below!

Here I leave you my general contact email, but attention! This email is not for any kind of technical support or help solving problems. You could report bugs that I might try to fix, but unfortunately I won't have time to give technical support through the email, as I have other projects and lack of time.

For those things, the forum was created, for the users to help each other in it, to submit their feedback and improvement suggestions, new ideas, practical examples, etc. This email is just for a direct contact with this software programmer, me, for general reasons.

Improvement suggestions, new functionalities requests for future versions, etc, can be submitted in the forum, and this way it is also possible to evaluate others' opinions on those functionalities. Or even to ask answers in the forum about those questions not yet in the F.A.Q. and that might be useful.

When sending possible bugs, it is suggested that you send them together with the way to recreate those same bugs, so that I can repeat the process and try to see the bugs for myself, because without knowing that process the bugs couldn't be recreated and that way understood, and remember to send this together with your operating system version, .Net framework version, service pack, memory, CPU, etc. Note that there are errors that might seem like bugs but that are not due to the software itself but instead, to functionalities from the operating system itself, which means that if an automated browsing functionality crashes once, and on other machines also, and sometimes it works well, it may have been caused by a small crash on elements from the operating system itself and not the software.

If you got to this point, it's because you really want the email, so here it goes:

(There is no email, check my YouTube channel and contact me there).

Video Demo

Download now (free download):
Network Pinger v1.0.1.0
1.50 MB, version in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian
Published on 13th March 2012