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System requirements

Recommended system requirements

  • 256 MB of RAM memory
  • 1280x800 resolution screen
Minimum requirements

  • 3 MB free disk space
  • 3.5 .Net Framework installed (by default in Windows 7)

About the .Net 3.5 Framework needed:

This software also works with operating systems of versions previous to Windows 7, like the Windows Vista, Windows XP or others, as long as they have the .Net 3.5 Framework installed. Whoever has Windows 7 doesn't need to worry about this because that operating system already has the .Net 3.5 Framework installed by default. If you have a previous Windows version, you may possibly have it already installed, but in case you don't, you'll receive an error while starting this software saying that you should install the 3.5 version of the .Net Framework.

(Instead of the .Net 3.5 version, you can install the .Net 4 version or another newer one, if available for your operating system, because it is newer and more complete, besides being smaller and faster to download from the Internet. Here you have two links to these frameworks:

About the recommended system requirements:

About these, such as the screen resolution or memory, they are not minimum requirements, but there are windows in this software that have a width bigger than the 1024 pixels of resolution that a lot of computers use by default, that's why the 1280 resolution is recommended, and a system with just 128 MB of memory wouldn't be the best machine to run this software, specially if we need to open lots of windows simultaneously or populate big lists of hosts to ping.

To install Network Pinger just click below (standalone application).

Version Date Size Download
V 2012-03-13 1.50 MB

This software started being available only in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, but later some other languages were added as you can see on the languages table, other languages will be made available in the future. This software is also a standalone application, consisting in just a single independent executable file, so that no installation would be necessary, you just need to save the files on some folder in the hard drive and execute it whenever necessary. It's then up to the user to create shortcuts for the application if needed.

External mirrors for local and faster downloads

You could also download the Network Pinger freeware from one of the following external mirrors for local and faster downloads:

Version Date Size Download
V 2012-03-13 1.50 MB

Notification about future versions

To receive notifications when future versions of this software are released you just have to activate the auto-check-for-new-versions option on the software (after the version), or leave a comment with your email on our guestbook (not visible). Once you do that, you'll receive further notifications when new versions are released, since whenever a new version is published, an email will be sent to all those that left a message on the Network Pinger guestbook.

Or of course, even better! Activate the auto-check-for-new-versions function which was added to the Network Pinger Freeware on March 2012 on the version, to check for new versions on a monthly basis.

ATTENTION! An improved second version will only be done, after this website reaches the 500,000 visits level. Until then, this software will remain like it is and feedback with improvement suggestions will be kept to be taken in account later.

Version history

Version Date Size Download
V 2012-03-13 1.50 MB V
V 2011-08-18 1.36 MB V
V 2010-12-30 1.33 MB V
V 2010-12-28 1.33 MB V
V 2010-12-24 1.33 MB V
V 2010-10-24 1.34 MB V

Languages (the other languages use automated translation)

Version Date Languages Translators
V 2012-03-13 Traditional
Bruce Chen
(Chuan Hsing Chen)
V 2011-08-18 French Gonçalo Ferreira
V 2010-12-24 English, Spanish Gonçalo Ferreira
V 2010-10-24 Portuguese Gonçalo Ferreira
The other languages: German, Italian, Simplified Chinese and Russian are translated with automated methods and not by a person. So they are not as perfect.


Network Pinger is a registered freeware, and its license is shown on the software itself. On the Network Pinger F.A.Q. page you'll find also some questions and answers about its license.

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft™ Corporation.

Video Demo

Download now (free download):
Network Pinger v1.0.1.0
1.50 MB, version in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian
Published on 13th March 2012

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