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Network Pinger Sample Images

Here we have some image examples from Network Pinger while running, so that you can see how the software is before deciding if you want to download it or not. Several examples will be shown from several tools inside this software.

Several windows simultaneously

Here you can see several windows from this software opened simultaneously, in a regular day of work for those who monitor hosts or networks:

Traceroute Window

Here a simple traceroute to a website:

Mass Pings Window

Below, a simple ping to several servers, with the charts configured to show the average ping times:

Printing Window

Here we have a traceroute print preview, with the logo that comes by default with the software, that can be changed by the user:

Main Window - Custom Commands

This is the software's main window, where we have many options as you can see in the tutorial, being shown here in the image the tab where we configure our custom commands, and at left the individual tools area:

Text Editor

Here we have a very complete text editor, which we could call with a simple mouse click in any tool's window, so that we have here the entire report from that tool's current operation migrated to this editor, where we could launch network tools with a simple mouse click over a host contained inside the text. Useful also to change reports from certain operations before they are saved or printed:

Port Scanner Window

This is the Network Pinger's Port Scanner, doing a port scan to the ports of some server, and with the line chart showing the time of response of each port, and the one below showing the ports' states. It contains also a list with detailed information about the ports that were inserted in its database:

WMI Queries Window

At last, we have here a WMI queries window, which allows us to execute remote WMI queries to other hosts, or to our local machine, to get information about any server that has this service, using authentication if necessary:

Demonstration Video

A small demonstration video can also be seen here:

Want More?

For more images, only with a download, or visiting our tutorial...

Video Demo

Download now (free download):
Network Pinger v1.0.1.0
1.50 MB, version in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian
Published on 13th March 2012