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Help about the Navigator

Introduction to the Navigator

This is the Navigator, a web browser embedded in the Network Pinger software, and it's represented by the icon at left, which contains a Caravel, a new type of vessel invented by the Portuguese in the 13th century when they gave birth to the Discoveries Age and that took them away to discover the world, it is a tribute to them. This navigator tool was built so that some functionalities would occur inside the software itself, or even to facilitate procedures, as in the case when the Whois registry of some domain names would really require the users to check it personally in the registers website directly, as it happens on the example above. The navigator, when opened, could allow us in some situations to navigate and this way opening other pages in it, as in the example at the beginning of this page, where we can see that there is an address bar so that the user may put other websites there and tell the navigator to open them clicking on the Enter key, or as with the example above, where the software would open us a website and wouldn't allow us to change page, because it hides the address bar, and where we can only see one page and close it, without the possibility of any kind of browsing at all.

This navigator is ready to be called from any tool window, just having the user to select a certain valid host with the mouse and with its right button call the menu and click on navigator, or doing it through the menu at the top of the window. By doing it, we are telling the navigator to open pages that we wish to visualize. It could be called by the software itself when we use certain tools or during procedures like when asking the Whois records of some domain names on the Internet that can only be seen with a browser, and in that case it won't allow any navigation, navigating will only be allowed when we open a website with it by our own request.

About its operability, it is really easy to use, having only has commands the buttons that are mentioned below which are already known from all other known browsers, and the address bar which will only appear on some situations and where we should write the address and press the Enter key to open some website.

Lets see the buttons of the commands available in this browser below.

Toolbar Buttons

These buttons, given their simplicity, will be explained here and not in the help page about the toolbars and command buttons. Here you have the buttons that are available in the Network Pinger Navigator:

Video Demo

Download now (free download):
Network Pinger v1.0.1.0
1.50 MB, version in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian
Published on 13th March 2012