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Help on Printing Reports

Printing Reports

Introduction to Printing Reports

This is a small help about printing reports on the Network Pinger software. Printing is an available functionality accessible from any tool window at any moment through the printing button or the printing option on the menus, and each specific window prints specific data, as on the main console window in which what is printed is what is inside the text box from the IP calculator, or for example the ping tool window in which what is printed is the contents of the text box and its ping results together with the charts. Each window has its own report layouts to print.

The user, when giving a print order, will have to see the print preview first, where it will be possible to see what is going to be printed and how it is going to be printed before deciding if printing or not, and the software will use the default printer for that, and create the print preview based on the parameters taken from that default printer.

WYSWYG Technology

The printing is made using the WYSWYG technology (What You See is What You Get), for an exact printing of the report created by a tool or after being edited by us in the most perfect way possible, and that is specially useful on the text editor which is incorporated in the software itself. To know more about this it is better to check the Text Editor tutorial.

Customizing Printed Reports

There is also the possibility of using logos on the printed reports, which the user can customize, very useful if we're talking about printing reports on companies at work, something that can be checked on the Configuring the Software tutorial.

Exporting to the PDF File Format

It is possible to print reports to virtual printers which can create files using the PDF file format, and more about this can be read on the Saving in the PDF File Format - .PDF tutorial.

Possible Problems

There can be some possible error messages that can occur when we give a print order on a report or when clicking on the print preview option or button in some tool, which won't let us see the print preview we want and this way not letting us print something. This happens when we don't have a printer installed or a predefined printer. As the software uses the printer configurations to create the print preview, if it can't get the printer configuration, it will give us an error message and won't do a thing. In that case it is important to verify is there is a correctly defined printer.

Video Demo

Download now (free download):
Network Pinger v1.0.1.0
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Published on 13th March 2012